It’s time to fly

It’s time to fly

There is a cat in my alleyway
Dreaming of birds; they are blue
Sometimes girl, when I’m lonely I miss you

It’s time to tear down all the walls around-
It’s time to go
Going out – going out
Going out for fun

Quiet Part:
I See the sadness – sadness in your eyes
What happened in the past – we need to do it right
It’s time to flew – out of this time

People next door, have problems they can’t name
They can’t name them, cause everyday is the same
They are working for, their cars and their house

They will lose
Lose -lose
Lose their souls

I put my footsteps, down on the ground
I do it fast as fast as I can
I don´t wanna lose myself and my soul

So come on now
Beam us up, beam us up, beam us up
To space

It’s easy to go with you by my side
It’s easy to go with you by my side
It`s easy


It’s time to fly (Livesession / Horizont Studios)

It’s time to fly (Master)

Text: Jörn Menge, Finn Düffert, Jurik Maretzki

Musik: Jörn Menge, Finn Düffert, Jurik Maretzki

Produced: Jurik Maretzki & Finn Düffert

Performed/Artist-Idee: Jörn Menge/ Gesang & Akustik Gitarre

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